Goof Off Day!

I always laugh when I see the term “First Annual,” because I wonder, “What if it never happens again?” I assume the intent is to make it an annual event. I can now laugh at myself, as we celebrated our First Annual Goof Off Day on Monday, August 25. My intent is to make this an annual event to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of a new school year.

The first day of school for the local district was August 25, but Andrew’s first day was the 26th. They tried something new for Kindergarteners this year. Half of his class started on the 25th, the other half the 26th, and the whole class went on the 27th. I was pondering how it was a little strange to have most of the town going toΒ school, while we still had a day to “goof off.” Thus the beginning of our (hopefully) annual event.

We started the morning bright and early, pretending that we were getting ready for school. We even drove by school, to find out how long to plan on it taking us on a normal school day. Instead of turning into the chaotic parking lot, we kept driving and went to the park!







After the park, we actually did a non-goof off thing and went to the grocery store. Since Goof Off Day was a last minute idea, I hadn’t planned ahead very well, and well, we needed food. We also picked up some ingredients for a fun project.

We made some ice cream cone cup cakes. Yum! (This is pretty easy, but if you try it, don’t fill your cones as far as we did. They spilled over a bit.)





Then, we loaded up ourselves and some treats and headed to Central College in Pella to visit Aunt Jamie and check out her new place! How fun that she is only a short drive away this year!

The kids were excited to share their treats with Jamie.


We found her building, but weren’t sure which door to go in, so we sat here while we called Jamie.


We found Jamie, headed to her room and met her roommate, Kelsey. Before we could say, “Hello!” Paige spotted Kelsey’s bunny, which Kelsey nicely shared with Paige.


When Kelsey left the room, Paige went after her snacks.


Andrew and Morgan had to check out Jamie’s bed, of course. πŸ™‚


Here’s a shot of the room. It’s really quite spacious for a dorm room, but Andrew wasn’t impressed. He later said that her room needs to be “longer.” The only problem with the room is the unmentionable blanket draped over the couch. We’ll forgive Jamie, since it’s really not hers or her fault.


Paige was getting restless, so she made some phone calls. Hopefully she’s not already calling the college boys.


Then she practiced her texting.


We departed the “not long enough” room and invaded campus. The kids ran all over and tried to break in to other people’s mail boxes.



This one will be even funnier if Paige attends Central someday! She was not a happy camper. 😦


Then we headed back home to get ready for the big day. Getting to bed early is hard, especially for Mom! We’ll see what we come up with next year for our Second Annual Goof Off Day.


5 thoughts on “Goof Off Day!

  1. OK…you did it again…happy tears πŸ™‚ How fun! Cute treats πŸ™‚ Sharing with Jamie πŸ™‚ What a great visit and GREAT PHOTOS of the visit!!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Your goof-off days looked like lots of fun for all concerned. The children are adorable. Jamie’s dorm room looks quite nice compared to some I have seen. Good-off days sounds like a wonderful idea. I have one every day. Love to all, Grandma

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