Field Trips & Fun

Waaaay back towards the end of last school year, Mom got the fun chance to go with Morgan’s and Andrew’s class on field trips. They both went to the same places: Russel Wildlife and Edmundson Park.

Morgan started with a bus ride from preschool to Russel Wildlife. (It’s a place we’ve enjoyed before.)

We found some new friends.

Morgan revised her role as snake charmer!

She participated in a little listening game.

And cheered on a turtle race!

We hunted for some fossils.

And played games.

Not much later, Andrew took a trip to the same place!

We looked at some snakes.

And examined some animal parts.

Andrew standing in the black coat, ready to play a game.

With  his buddy, Khydin.

Fossil hunting.

And fishing! Watch out! No one caught anything, and thankfully no one snagged anyone else, either. 😉

Next, his class headed to the park for lunch and playtime. And a little pile-making. 🙂

Morgan also went to the park with her class, although on a different day than her field trip. It was her last day celebration. Dad and Paige got to come along, too.

Morgan likes to swing. Wait, she LOVES to swing.

Dad and Paige like to swing, too.

A little merry-go-round action.

And a nice class picture of some cute kids!

The end.


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