School for Three

So, three posts after putting up pictures of the first day of school last year … I am to the first day of school for this year. Random blogging at it’s best!

We have three kids in school this year! Yes, THREE! Andrew and Morgan started on Monday, and Paige had her first taste of Preschool this morning! They are all very excited and love school, and we are very thankful.

I was talking with a friend whose kids just switched from the local, small Christian school to the public elementary school. (According to the school website, it’s the largest elementary school in the state of Iowa.) It brought back many memories for me of how hard the “What will we do for school?” decision is. Ben and I have agreed that it was the hardest decision we’ve tackled as parents. Yet, after much prayer and discussion, we also agreed the decision we made was the way God was leading. We thanked God, once again, this summer while sitting in a hotel room in St. Louis when we got word of who Andrew and Morgan would have for teachers. We’ve had a great experience at the school, but I have to chuckle when in the big, giant public school our kids have Christian teachers and principals. Thanks, God, for blessing us in so many ways!

And, now, on to the pictures!

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