Here Comes the Circus!

As I mentioned before, seeing Madagascar 3 seemed to inspire the kids to put on their own circus. It took quite a bit of time and energy to discuss, practice and perform their circus. There was a moment when two of the kids seemed to be on strike and one kid was pouting. Mom stayed pretty “hands off” and let them work things out, which they did.

Our tickets:

The program:

Ladies and gentlemen …

Pay no attention to those hiding in the background. 😉

Sword fighting shall commence.

Acrobats and/or swinging with Morgan.

(Pictures are taken pre-drought. Look at that green grass!)

The girls, mainly Morgan, had several costume changes, which caused delays in the entertainment. The audience may have gotten a little restless. At one point, Andrew said, “I think all the girls care about is their clothes.”

The conclusion of the circus actually occurred the next day, as bedtime was approaching. The conclusion included ball games and a dance on the front porch.

Who needs a big top? Not the Drost kids.


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