A Roof

Oh dear. We are quite behind on posts about the new house. I was waiting to post about the roof until it was completely completed. It took longer than we anticipated and life has been busy. So, here’s how the roof went on.

The first trusses went on the master bedroom and the front guest bedroom.001003Next up was some of trusses spanning the kitchen and master bedroom and the beginning of the garage.009 Then, the garage was finished.014The huge trusses that span the depth of the house were next to go up.016019Below is the view from somewhere in the living room.022Once the trusses are up, the various sections have to be joined together. The builders called it “stick building,” or something like that. It fixes the odd-looking pieces sticking up above the garage in the picture below by joining them to the garage trusses.024The same process has to happen on the front bedroom roofline as well. 023The garage got sheeting, and then the two sections were joined together.034001_1The same process was repeated wherever the various “sections” joined each other.035004002Half the roof was sheeted, and then the whole thing! There is a gap in the top for venting purposes.003_1Next up was the black paper stuff. (The technical term, I’m sure.)005039The garage side looks kinda funny, but it gets better. 😉041The house got all wrapped up like a present, and that was fun to see! It makes it look more like a house, and not just a bunch of wood. 008And, after a few more rain storms, the shingles were finally on! (You might notice a few windows, too, that got put in on a rainy day when only part of the roof was shingled. We’ll fill you in on the windows in another post.)197198It took a long time to be all covered on the top. If you look back at the first pictures, the corn in the background is still green. Ha! We are thankful we’ll have a nice roof over our heads.


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