Windows and Doors!

On a very rainy day in October, when the roof was not completely shingled and water was pouring into the east side of our house, we found a bit of joy in checking out our first window. We had quite the time ordering said windows, so it was nice to see them all arrive and even nicer to see them start to get installed.

This window is next to our front door and overlooks the front porch. (If you look outside the window, you can see the river in the front yard.)

188There is an identical window in the mudroom, so there were two windows!

193Here is a view of some windows from the outside on a day that was not so rainy.

198A few days later, there were lots and lots of windows! It was very exciting!

255Dining/Living Room:

256Master Bedroom:

257A view from outside behind the house:



265Then, we got a door into the garage:

269One window was still not in, so that was the easiest way into the house. 😉 We later found out that one window was not the right size, so they had to re-frame that window.


270You might also notice our French doors!

271And the view from inside:

274And then a front door! We might have to dust it daily, but oh well!

282And garage doors:

284A door from the master bedroom to the eventual deck:

286The view from the master bedroom door:

294And the door from the garage into the house:

295Here is the house! There is also now a stoop on the front to form our porch, but I apparently have not taken any pictures of that.




One thought on “Windows and Doors!

  1. Your home looks wonderful. There are thrills in each and every step accomplished. It looks enormous. Thanks for the update. Love, Grandma

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