Two posts, two days in a row? Don’t get used to this pace.

Once the “guts” of the house were in, the next steps are to insulate and put up the drywall!

We did some of the framing in the basement ourselves. And by “we” I don’t mean “me.” Although, I did become an expert at installing insulation. Itch. Itch.149Once the insulation was in, we took some time to write on the wall studs, since they were about to be covered up. I might have written something about Ben washing dishes near the kitchen sink.


177Window, wendoe. Take your pick.185171


178184More insulation upstairs.192

191And a, “this is your last chance to walk thru the walls” picture.193The wall they were walking thru is below in the closet. It was sooooo exciting to see the drywall go up! It was weird to not be able to see all the way to the other side of the house, but it started to really feel like a home.205It was hard to take pictures at night because there were only a few temporary lights in the smoke detector holes, so this is our guest bedroom.204Paige is in the doorway to the master bedroom. I guess Ben will have to really duck to get in. 😉212Here are some daylight pictures of the dining/living room. Below shows the sheetrock with the mud to cover joints and screw holes.023_2Then it got texture and primer.014The basement family room:003 Below is a radio. I had to take a photo to remind us of the moment we pulled up to the house on a Saturday morning. There was a crew of guys hanging sheetrock in the garage, and we could hear their Mexican music blaring while we were still in our car. It was just a moment to remember, because there will likely never be Mexican music blaring from our house again. 047More stuff upstairs, including the entryway.019Morgan in the mudroom/laundry.

024And then they started the paint supplies band. Or something like that.


033034 (The kids are wearing paint clothes. Just to clarify why Morgan’s pants would probably fit Paige. 😉 )

We started painting the house on Christmas Eve morning, cause we know how to rock the holidays. The entry hall and stairway got the first paint. “Functional Gray.”


039_1We didn’t take a lot of pictures of the painting process, except when the kids helped paint their bedrooms. They had a “snow” day due to the frigid wind chill, so we braved the weather and got some painting in that day. The kids did a pretty good job helping! Dad joined us after work and we cranked out the first coat in each bedroom. The pics below show you the colors they picked out for their rooms. You might need sunglasses in Morgan’s space. 028


031_1032_1034_1035Paige got some paint in her hair, and was quite concerned about it. The only way for her to see it out at the house was for me to take a picture and show it to her. Thank goodness for digital! 😉033_1You will be able to see some of the other colors as I catch up on the rest of my posts. No promises for when that will be.







2 thoughts on “Walls!

  1. Looks like it is a family project and I think that is wonderful. Your house has goods bones and is looking very promising. I am excited for you all. I have been praying that your house sells. It looked great in the picture you posted. Love, Grandma

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