Sunday Bike #1

Date: September 7, 2014

Location: Route from our house to Maple Ridge Assisted Living, now known as Homestead.

Distance: About 6 miles roundtrip.

Critters Spotted: Elephants! (OK, they were elephant figurines at the home of our old neighbor. Paige said she misses them.)

We decided to skip our Sunday Hike and do a Sunday BIKE instead! It is nice we are now road-worthy, with enough biking experience for the kids to brave a big ride! We didn’t take many pictures, but we traveled via streets and our local bike trail. We stopped at the assisted living place to visit our old neighbor, Gladys. We miss having her as a neighbor, but she is doing so well at her new place, and we are happy she can be there. We will have to bike to see her again sometime!

photo 3Paige rode the tag-along behind Dad.

photo 2

photo 1