The Storm

We had a short but powerful storm hit our town on Sunday afternoon. I could tell you all about our adventures of that day, but I feel the story that came home from Kindergarten today tells it best. (One explanation: we didn’t have power for several hours, and since we didn’t know when it would be restored, we didn’t want to open the refrigerator.)



I love how every word makes complete sense phonetically. The picture below is Paige in the kitchen with her flashlight next to the fridge.

112There are only 19 more days of Kindergarten. Sigh.




We interrupt this blog to bring you S N O W M A G E D O N ! Ha! ha! Just being a little dramatic. We’ve had two snow days in a row, what can I say? I think I need to get out of the house! 😉

So, I’m in the process of “catching up” on the blog, but we’ll put this post out-of-order, just for fun. Here’s what we do to stay entertained when a blizzard is swirling snow outside our house.

We raid the recyclables and cut up cardboard!

We color on cardboard.

And we create our very own “green” Zhu Zhu Pet houses.

We first tried using some block houses, but those Zhu Zhus are strong, and they bust through the walls.

I guess the above isn’t really a house. It’s a wrestling ring. In the style of a “Battle Arena” you could purchase for $22.99. The bleachers are below.

But, why buy more plastic junk for your house, when you can use the junk you already have? And it’s custom! People pay big bucks for custom stuff. This house has grass and flowers around the outside.

And a specially designed, flip-top roof, so you can view the action inside.

The Zhu Zhus have fun exploring their new place!

Sometimes they even look out the window.

They also try to climb the walls, but soon figure out it won’t work, back up and go somewhere else. (If you can read upside down, you’ll see that this is a “reseling” ring, too.)

Dancing in the house. Must have liked something on the TV on the wall. (Do you see the TV? It’s on a very tall TV stand. I suspect that was custom, too.)

And, we didn’t stop there. Oh no! We made some capes and created Super Zhu Zhus, or Zhuper Zhu Zhus, as Andrew called them. 🙂

The girls have a bow on top and the boy put his on the bottom.

Who said you can’t be creative with battery-operated toys?