Birthday Bashes

We — or should I say I — are behind on blogging by a couple years, probably. But, that’s OK. I can catch up someday when the kids are grown. 😉 LOL!

The kids keep growing, and we’ve had some birthday parties over the years. Here are some from this year:

Morgan had a Piplup (Pokemon) party back in January to celebrate her 8th birthday, which was in December. At least we aren’t years behind on the actual parties.  Just one month. 😉

001So thankful for sweet friends!

003Always a silly picture. Always. 🙂


008Andrew had a Minecraft party for his 10th birthday. (10!!!) And can I get an, “Amen!” for having three boys over to play video games. Best. Birthday. Party. Ever. For. Moms. 😉


029And he kinda loves his new Cyclone hat given to him at the party.

030Last, but not least, Paige had a beach party with some sweet girls for her 6th birthday. After we hosted her party, we officially put our house on the market and had to have pictures taken of our house. Not a stressful day at all. 😉




079Yep, little girls can be crazy, too. Maybe even more hyper than little boys. At least that’s my birthday party experience.

081Happy Birthday, Kiddos! Now, STOP GROWING UP! (Not really.)



Who is that kid?

We have received many comments over the last six months (or so) about people hardly recognizing Andrew. Apparently he has changed a lot in recent months. We did go with a shorter haircut, but maybe he’s just growing up.

His school pictures (L to R) from Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade tell the story pretty well. (Well, other than a somewhat “deer-in-the-headlights” look from this year’s picture. Tee hee!)

What do you think?


First and Last

Here was Andrew on his first day of Kindergarten:

And here he was on his last day: (Photo courtesy of Grandma Baumer who was taking care of the kids while Mom & Dad got away for a few days.)

He looks a little older, I think. And he got a new backpack mid-year, as his one from preschool seemed to be too small.

I’m wondering why First Grade sounds sooooo much older than Kindergarten! 😉 I’m guessing I will think that every year!

The girls have grown up, too! Here they are on Andrew’s first day of school:

And here they are on his last day:

Morgan will be in preschool in the fall and Paige home with Mom by herself two days a week! Wow! Life will be different. We’ll just enjoy the summer while we can!

Just for Fun!

We were playing in the yard the other day, and I was snapping some photos. Paige has a love for balls right now:


Which reminded me of this shot of Andrew from May 2005:


And how fast they grow, huh:


Later that day, we were on the porch and I got this shot of cutie Paige:


Which reminded me of this shot taken in August 2006 of Morgan, wearing the exact same outfit, no less:


And, she’s grown a little, too: