Flashback Funny

Paige and I went to the library on Friday morning. “We are so lucky to get this new Barbie movie!” she said. It was pretty exciting. A brand new Barbie movie.

As we ventured over to look at some books, I noticed a book in the “new” section that I had seen before. It was new a couple of years ago, and Morgan checked it out because she liked the picture on the cover (how they choose 98 percent of their books).

So, wait … how was it new a couple years ago and again on the “new” shelf Friday?

Well, because a certain two-year-old (the same child now excited about the Barbie movie) decided to decorate the book a couple years ago … with a Sharpie.

034 035 036When a two-year-old colors in a book with a Sharpie, it’s a pretty fair consequence that her mother has to pay the library for the book. I mean, who is at fault when a two-year-old has a Sharpie and is unsupervised long enough to color on three pages of a library book?!?

And, then, since we paid for it, we got to keep it. Too bad it’s not a favorite of the kids. If you ever want to read about Emily Dickinson, feel free to borrow it from us. Most of the book isn’t colored on. 😉

(I wonder why it took two years for the library to replace the book?)


Practical Joker

We seem to have a practical joker on our hands. This was found in the kitchen one day, after watching several videos showing similar pranks on the show America’s Funniest Videos.

007_1It didn’t quite work, as the rubber band is too low. But, I sure got a kick out of it. 🙂

Any guesses who the prankster is? I’ll give you a clue: it’s the shorter boy in our house. 😉


Random Funnies from our Trip

Woa! I haven’t posted here for a while! This is the perfect time to interrupt our trip timeline for a few random memories from our trip. Here you go!

Andrew’s dream car … well, depending on the day and what his obsession is. He rotates between Batman, Mario and Darth Vader. If he’s in a Batman kick, this could be his vehicle. I didn’t see it soon enough to get photos of the back, and now I can’t remember what was on it, but the whole truck was painted all purty!

Below is Dad teasing the kids that the curb is the Grand Canyon and they are about to fall in! Oh nooooooooooo!

OK, Kids! We’ve seen the Grand Canyon (through the construction fence below), so let’s head out! 😉 ha ha!

This is what happens to hair that has been in a car seat for thousands of hours! We sometimes tried to hide it by giving her a ponytail. 🙂

I need a sign like this for my bedroom! And, I guess, more kids that can actually read it! ha ha!

On one of the curviest stretches of highway, we kept seeing these triple trailer semis. I hope they get extra training before driving!

Oh no! The truck is driving the wrong way!!!

Coming out of the Rockies, just west of Denver, we spotted this friendly warning to truckers:

We saw this old pickup on over-sized tires and wished we had gotten a photo of it. Then we passed it again, and missed a photo. Then it parked next to us at our hotel in Colorado. I tried not to laugh too much as I came out of the office after checking in.

I guess the sign on the door was not enough. We needed two signs right next to each other to warn us that our room was a non-smoking room.

I guess they didn’t want the flowers fertilized.

And, last but not least, this gem was found at a rest stop in Iowa. I couldn’t resist picking up one of the free past issues. If you’ve been looking for love, you can find it here … IF you are willing to wait for your love to get out of prison.

Another Day, Another Find

It was just an ordinary day, and I was going to mop the kitchen floor. I decided to remove the drawer under our stove so I could mop under the stove a little, since I probably hadn’t done that since we got tile last June.

It turned into another Lost & Found adventure!

Along with some dust, crumbs and part of a cracker, we found a plate that has been missing for quite sometime. I don’t remember when it disappeared. I wrote about it in a post in February:

 And we’re missing a frog plate. I’m afraid she [Paige] threw it away, but it’s large enough that I think I would have noticed it in the trash can. Maybe it will turn up someday.

I guess it turned up today! 🙂

Red Alert!

For a few days we were on Red Alert!!!

This was the only ketchup in the house:

Have no fear; all is well. We are now fully stocked. The Red Alert is over. You can go back to your normal lives. 😉

The Kids’ Perspective on Marriage & Life

We were driving in the van the other day and had quite an interesting conversation about marriage and life. I wish I had DVR on my life sometimes, where I could rewind and watch something again. I’ll do my best to re-enact the conversation.

Andrew: So, you have to be married before you turn 30? [I have no idea what brought on this question. It seemed completely random!]

Me: No, you don’t have to be married before you are 30.

Andrew: Then 40?

Me: Well, no. Actually, you don’t ever have to get married if you don’t want to.

Morgan: Well, I don’t think I’ll get married. [I’m starting to go in shock here. How can my princess girl live without her prince?!?]

Me: Well, why not, Morgan?

Morgan: I think I will just keep playing.

I start to laugh and about rear end the car in front of me. I mean, how funny is this? She thinks you get to play your whole life until you get married! I love it!

Andrew gets thinking, too. He doesn’t want to work, either.

Andrew: Yeah, I think I won’t get married, either. Or go to college. [We have rarely mentioned college in conversations. I think the fact that Aunt Jamie is in college must make a big impression.]

Me: Well, if you don’t go to college you’ll have to get a job.

Andrew: Why?

Me: Well, it cost money to live, so you need to get a job to make money.

Andrew: Do they just give you a job?

Me: You can pick a job that you like.

Andrew: What is your job, Mom?

Me: My job is to take care of you guys.

I then went on to explain various things: that I had a few jobs before I became a mom … sometimes moms work at jobs and at home … how if I had another job I would have to send them to a babysitter … sometimes dads even stay home and moms work.

Andrew: I will be a dad who stays home!

I’m on to him. He just wants to play video games all day! ha ha!

Me: So, you will change diapers and make supper and clean the house?

Andrew: Well, no, I won’t change diapers, but I will clean the house. [Brief pause.] I will be a good dad!

Me: Yes, Buddy, I’m sure you will!