Spring is Coming

It is the last day of winter, and it feels like winter out there. The forecast is showing some spring-like weather for a couple days. I am hopeful that spring is coming, and coming soon!

Until then, let’s relive last spring … last Easter, to be exact. It was the last weekend in March, and it was warm enough to look for Easter eggs outside after our church breakfast and service.

Look, Mom! No coat! I mean, an egg!

Look, Mom! No coat! I mean, an egg!


Green grass. Flowers. They are coming! (And. Those. Boots. 😉 )

Today, this picture makes me cold, but I bet it was warm on that day.

Today, this picture makes me cold, but I bet it was warm on that day.

The whole family with our friend, Claire, who is a William Penn University student from Rwanda.

The whole family with our friend, Claire, who is a William Penn University student from Rwanda.



Later, some egg hunting fun with cousins. Ready. Set. Go!

So, there you have it. Proof that it can be warm in March. I am hopeful for this month. And I am  hopeful to write here again soon. 🙂




A New Page

There’s nothing like going through pictures at the end of the year to make you realize how much you have failed to blog about. We’ve had such a great year, with many fun adventures!

We do have a new page here on the blog. You can find it up on the top. It’s called “Letters.” We saved some trees and only mailed our annual Christmas letter to immediate family and those who might not be on the internet. Others can read our letter here.


Mother’s Day Hike

My third post of the day! Can you tell that I’m back from vacation but not back to reality? 😉 We’ll get everyone some clean underwear and some food to eat on Monday.

For Mother’s Day this year, Mom suggested going on a hike at Cedar Bluff. We attempted to hike there two summers ago, when it was on our first Summer Fun List. (You should click over and read about that time, just to see how the kids have grown up.) The kids are older now, and the weather was cooler, so Mom thought a hike might just be possible.

We all wore long pants to try to keep ticks at bay.

We saw some pretty flowers.

And evidence of other wildlife.

We eventually got past where we had turned around two years ago. New territory in the woods!

We got to an overlook and had an amazing view! The Des Moines River is in the distance and winds around, just to the right of this picture.

There was an overlook deck with some seating for a rest.

We got rid of some friends and went on our way.

Next, it was time to go down, down, down.

At the bottom was a partially dry creek bed. We wondered if Grandpa Baumer would like any of the rocks?

My favorite people!

After a little strawberry snack break, it was time to go back up, up, up!

And we made it! With only a few complaints about being tired.

A great way to spend Mother’s Day: Spending time with my favorite people while exploring God’s creation!


One of these days I’ll catch up on the blog! Here are some photos from Easter.

We tried a crayon method for decorating eggs, which ended up maybe being too advanced for the ages of our kids. We had fun finding real eggs on a nest on our front porch! On Easter Sunday we attended a sunrise service at a local park, and it was definitely worth getting up early! It was beautiful to see the sunrise and hear all the birds singing around us. Then we went to a breakfast at our church attended the traditional service there. The kids also had fun looking for eggs around our yard. And we finished the day by having lunch and more egg hunting, this time inside, at Grandma & Grandpa Drost’s house. The kids always have fun with their cousins!

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Holiday Wrap-Up

We had a wonderful holiday season, celebrating Thanksgiving, Great Grandma VanUtrecht’s 90th birthday, Christmas, and Morgan’s birthday. And, all our photos can be viewed on Facebook by clicking right here. I’m taking the lazy way out, but they are already posted and have captions telling the stories of our holiday adventures. Enjoy! (To view the photos and read the captions, click on one of the photos.)

Dressing Up

Morgan came home yesterday wearing a grass skirt (made out of a white garbage bag) and a lei and carrying a palm tree made from newspaper. It makes one wish for warmer weather and not a day full of snow flurries! Here is a flashback to warmer weather and some dressing up for Trick-or-Treating back in October.

We’ve got a little tradition of the kids drawing what they want their pumpkins to look like and Mom carving them. Those who can draw contributed these diagrams. You’ll never guess who the artists are, I’m sure. 😉

Morgan, on the left, wanted her nose to actually be a triangle. Andrew’s was very scary! Here are the results:

Paige didn’t have a say, and I think she was actually napping when Mom worked on hers. 😉

Here’s how they looked in the dark.

The rest of the photos are fairly self-explanatory. Kids dressed up and having fun! Enjoy!