The Storm

We had a short but powerful storm hit our town on Sunday afternoon. I could tell you all about our adventures of that day, but I feel the story that came home from Kindergarten today tells it best. (One explanation: we didn’t have power for several hours, and since we didn’t know when it would be restored, we didn’t want to open the refrigerator.)



I love how every word makes complete sense phonetically. The picture below is Paige in the kitchen with her flashlight next to the fridge.

112There are only 19 more days of Kindergarten. Sigh.



Flashback Funny

Paige and I went to the library on Friday morning. “We are so lucky to get this new Barbie movie!” she said. It was pretty exciting. A brand new Barbie movie.

As we ventured over to look at some books, I noticed a book in the “new” section that I had seen before. It was new a couple of years ago, and Morgan checked it out because she liked the picture on the cover (how they choose 98 percent of their books).

So, wait … how was it new a couple years ago and again on the “new” shelf Friday?

Well, because a certain two-year-old (the same child now excited about the Barbie movie) decided to decorate the book a couple years ago … with a Sharpie.

034 035 036When a two-year-old colors in a book with a Sharpie, it’s a pretty fair consequence that her mother has to pay the library for the book. I mean, who is at fault when a two-year-old has a Sharpie and is unsupervised long enough to color on three pages of a library book?!?

And, then, since we paid for it, we got to keep it. Too bad it’s not a favorite of the kids. If you ever want to read about Emily Dickinson, feel free to borrow it from us. Most of the book isn’t colored on. 😉

(I wonder why it took two years for the library to replace the book?)

First and Last, 2011-2012

I’ve been looking through the blog to find a post from the first day of school this year, but apparently I didn’t do one!?! Oh dear! It was a pretty big year, too, having two kids in school full time.

So, without further ado, here was the first day of school:

Morgan’s classroom and teacher:

Andrew’s classroom and teacher:

And, now for the last day comparisons … Andrew is wearing the same shirt! Orange is his current favorite color! Morgan is pretending to cry because she doesn’t want school to be over. Paige got dressed all by herself and did her hair, too.

Andrew’s shirt looks a little bit smaller. He has a different smile, too, with some teeth changes. He had another great year of school! He still loves math and science, and often tells me science facts he’s learned. Sometimes he’ll tell me a random fact and I’ll say, “Are you studying that in school?” and he’ll reply with, “No, I just read about it.” We found out after school was over that he was selected for the TUG (Talented Uniquely Gifted) program that starts in third grade, so we’re quite proud of him for that! Art is another favorite for him. Most of his drawings from art are “levels” in video games that he would like to design. He said he was 65 percent excited for summer and 35 percent sad. Yep, he’s our math kid! 😉

Miss Morgan has had tremendous changes this school year! She went from the preschool kid who never talked at all, to the budding social butterfly with a growing group of friends. She’s still quieter at school than at home, but that’s probably a good thing. 😉 For most of her life she has kind of been Andrew’s shadow, doing whatever he wanted and having favorites identical to him. They are still best buddies, but it is nice to see her step into her own skin, so to say. She also now has a nice group of girlfriends, something that has been lacking due to the fact that our circle of friends is missing girls her age. She also had a great academic year, doing well in school and learning how to read! If you asked her what her favorite thing about school was, she would probably say, “Everything!”

Princess Paige is the most excited to have her brother and sister home for the summer. After the last day of school she prayed, “And thank you that Andrew and Morgan can be home to play with me!” Mom tries, but she usually doesn’t play right. 😉 She is wearing a dress that was Aunt Jamie’s. She said, “This dress is too ‘mall for me, so we should give it to a baby.”

So, there you have it! The first and last day of school! It goes faster every year. Sigh.

Mother’s Day Hike

My third post of the day! Can you tell that I’m back from vacation but not back to reality? 😉 We’ll get everyone some clean underwear and some food to eat on Monday.

For Mother’s Day this year, Mom suggested going on a hike at Cedar Bluff. We attempted to hike there two summers ago, when it was on our first Summer Fun List. (You should click over and read about that time, just to see how the kids have grown up.) The kids are older now, and the weather was cooler, so Mom thought a hike might just be possible.

We all wore long pants to try to keep ticks at bay.

We saw some pretty flowers.

And evidence of other wildlife.

We eventually got past where we had turned around two years ago. New territory in the woods!

We got to an overlook and had an amazing view! The Des Moines River is in the distance and winds around, just to the right of this picture.

There was an overlook deck with some seating for a rest.

We got rid of some friends and went on our way.

Next, it was time to go down, down, down.

At the bottom was a partially dry creek bed. We wondered if Grandpa Baumer would like any of the rocks?

My favorite people!

After a little strawberry snack break, it was time to go back up, up, up!

And we made it! With only a few complaints about being tired.

A great way to spend Mother’s Day: Spending time with my favorite people while exploring God’s creation!

First Day of First Grade!

I have gobs of vacation photos to post, but for now we’ll deal with today: The start of First Grade! It sounds so grown up, doesn’t it? First Grade!? It’s really hard to believe that summer is over and a new school year has started! It’s even harder to believe that Andrew is starting First Grade! I’ve written about growing pains before, so I’ll spare all the sappiness again.

Here are some photos from the first day:

It didn’t take long for Morgan to say, “I miss Andrew!”

Outside the school:

No tables for 1st Graders! They get a desk!

His new teacher:

And his new classroom:

Andrew had a little questionnaire to answer before his first day. One of the questions was, “What do you want to learn about in First Grade?” He thought about his answer for several minutes and replied, “A lot of things!” I am sure he will get to do that!

#30 Go to the Park by Eveland Access

The park by Eveland Access is actually called Cedar Bluff. This was Dad’s lone addition to our Summer Fun List. When he wrote it down, we weren’t sure the proper name.

It is an area with some restored prairie land, which once covered Iowa. There is a path leading through some prairie and next to some timber and corn. We weren’t sure we should attempt our little hike because our kids were tired and it was a warm day, but we were running out of time before our big vacation.

We borrowed a backpack carrier for Paige. It works pretty swell!

We started off on our hike to find the bluffs!

The scenery was pretty and the sky was beautiful!

We didn’t get far when a couple kids said they were too tired to walk anymore. Despite the smiles in this particular picture, they were not enjoying the walk.

Dad took Paige for a while. She wasn’t very happy, either.

We could tell we were quite a ways from the bluffs area, and we decided it was not worth battling three crabby kids just to see them.

At least the flowers seemed happy!

Mom and Dad plan to return to Cedar Bluffs in the near future. The rest of the gang might come back in a few years. 🙂