What is SnowtoriousBIG, you ask? It was a “trending” name on twitter for the big snowstorm that hit. Maybe you heard about the storm? 😉 I thought it was a funny name, so I stole it for this blog post.

Today (Thursday – when I started this post) was Snow Day #3, which has me thinking back to our four snow days in a row last year …  I’m assuming we will have a normal school day on Friday. Please pray for all those dear teachers! 😉

Anyway, for Snow Day #3, we accomplished some “home schooling.” Actually, we left our home and learned how to play and share with friends at a playdate. Then, we went to Walmart and got a lesson in economics. Actually, it was more like personal finance to the tune of, “The other day you were saving your money to buy more Legos. Do you really want to spend your money on some Zhu Zhu plastic?” Next, we ventured to the best place for education, the library. There we had a lesson in finding a book by Dr. Seuss. Only, Mom was thinking it was spelled “Suess” which had her looking in the wrong row. Thankfully the six-year-old was able to  successfully find, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

There are no photos of Snow Day #3, so I leave you with pictures from Snow Day #2, where we ventured out into the SnowtoriousBIG and SURVIVED!

The view from our upstairs window, out into the great snowy snowness:

It is fascinating how the snow landed in the window. But a view from outside reveals it’s not as snowtoriously BIG as it appeared.

It’s so hard for photos to capture the depth of the snow and piles of shoveled snow, especially when kids are more interested in sitting in it than standing next to it. (Paige is actually saying, “I can’t sit!” She was on the verge of a meltdown.)

Thankfully the meltdown was short-lived. This was the first snow venture where Paige jumped right in and just delighted in playing in the snow! 🙂

Andrew and Morgan were searching for, and later feeding, Emperor Penguins. I’m not exactly sure why they were on their knees, but I’m sure there was a good reason. (On a side note, Morgan learned about penguins at preschool recently. She is exactly as tall as an Emperor Penguin.)

This angle might better show the large drift they were on, but not really.

I think the nice man who used his snowblower to clear our sidewalk and driveway also made this little space that was fun for playing in.

We eventually got scarves and face masks to better protect little faces. It was cold, cold, cold!

A strange drift hanging off our neighbor’s garage.

Shortly after taking the photo above, Miss Paige went inside to warm up, while the other two decided to have a snow war.

Mom decided it was OK that she had to re-shovel the sidewalk.

Back inside, we warmed up with some snow ice cream! I had never heard of this before, until a friend posted on Facebook about needing some snow day activities. We stole a recipe and mixed snow with milk, sugar and vanilla.

We did make sure it was clean snow. 🙂 The kids want to make it again. I guess it falls into the category of “if life gives you snow, make snow ice cream!”



We interrupt this blog to bring you S N O W M A G E D O N ! Ha! ha! Just being a little dramatic. We’ve had two snow days in a row, what can I say? I think I need to get out of the house! 😉

So, I’m in the process of “catching up” on the blog, but we’ll put this post out-of-order, just for fun. Here’s what we do to stay entertained when a blizzard is swirling snow outside our house.

We raid the recyclables and cut up cardboard!

We color on cardboard.

And we create our very own “green” Zhu Zhu Pet houses.

We first tried using some block houses, but those Zhu Zhus are strong, and they bust through the walls.

I guess the above isn’t really a house. It’s a wrestling ring. In the style of a “Battle Arena” you could purchase for $22.99. The bleachers are below.

But, why buy more plastic junk for your house, when you can use the junk you already have? And it’s custom! People pay big bucks for custom stuff. This house has grass and flowers around the outside.

And a specially designed, flip-top roof, so you can view the action inside.

The Zhu Zhus have fun exploring their new place!

Sometimes they even look out the window.

They also try to climb the walls, but soon figure out it won’t work, back up and go somewhere else. (If you can read upside down, you’ll see that this is a “reseling” ring, too.)

Dancing in the house. Must have liked something on the TV on the wall. (Do you see the TV? It’s on a very tall TV stand. I suspect that was custom, too.)

And, we didn’t stop there. Oh no! We made some capes and created Super Zhu Zhus, or Zhuper Zhu Zhus, as Andrew called them. 🙂

The girls have a bow on top and the boy put his on the bottom.

Who said you can’t be creative with battery-operated toys?