Two posts, two days in a row? Don’t get used to this pace.

Once the “guts” of the house were in, the next steps are to insulate and put up the drywall!

We did some of the framing in the basement ourselves. And by “we” I don’t mean “me.” Although, I did become an expert at installing insulation. Itch. Itch.149Once the insulation was in, we took some time to write on the wall studs, since they were about to be covered up. I might have written something about Ben washing dishes near the kitchen sink.


177Window, wendoe. Take your pick.185171


178184More insulation upstairs.192

191And a, “this is your last chance to walk thru the walls” picture.193The wall they were walking thru is below in the closet. It was sooooo exciting to see the drywall go up! It was weird to not be able to see all the way to the other side of the house, but it started to really feel like a home.205It was hard to take pictures at night because there were only a few temporary lights in the smoke detector holes, so this is our guest bedroom.204Paige is in the doorway to the master bedroom. I guess Ben will have to really duck to get in. ūüėČ212Here are some daylight pictures of the dining/living room. Below shows the sheetrock with the mud to cover joints and screw holes.023_2Then it got texture and primer.014The basement family room:003¬†Below is a radio. I had to take a photo to remind us of the moment we pulled up to the house on a Saturday morning. There was a crew of guys hanging sheetrock¬†in the garage, and we could hear their Mexican music blaring while we were still in our car. It was just a moment to remember, because there will likely never be Mexican music blaring from our house again.¬†047More stuff upstairs, including the entryway.019Morgan in the mudroom/laundry.

024And then they started the paint supplies band. Or something like that.


033034¬†(The kids are wearing paint clothes. Just to clarify why Morgan’s pants would probably fit Paige. ūüėČ )

We started painting the house on Christmas Eve morning, cause we know how to rock the holidays. The entry hall and stairway got the first paint. “Functional Gray.”


039_1We didn’t take a lot of pictures of the painting process, except when the kids helped paint their bedrooms. They had a “snow” day due to the frigid wind chill, so we braved the weather and got some painting in that day. The kids did a pretty good job helping! Dad joined us after work and we cranked out the first coat in each bedroom. The pics below show you the colors they picked out for their rooms. You might need sunglasses in Morgan’s space.¬†028


031_1032_1034_1035Paige got some paint in her hair, and was quite concerned about it. The only way for her to see it out at the house was for me to take a picture and show it to her. Thank goodness for digital! ūüėČ033_1You will be able to see some of the other colors as I catch up on the rest of my posts. No promises for when that will be.







A Roof

Oh dear. We are quite behind on posts about the new house. I was waiting to post about the roof until it was completely completed. It took longer than we anticipated and life has been busy. So, here’s how the roof went on.

The first trusses went on the master bedroom and the front guest bedroom.001003Next up was some of trusses spanning the kitchen and master bedroom and the beginning of the garage.009¬†Then, the garage was finished.014The huge trusses that span the depth of the house were next to go up.016019Below is the view from somewhere in the living room.022Once the trusses are up, the various sections have to be joined together. The builders called it “stick building,” or something like that. It fixes the odd-looking pieces sticking up above the garage in the picture below by joining them to the garage trusses.024The same process has to happen on the front bedroom roofline as well.¬†023The garage got sheeting, and then the two sections were joined together.034001_1The same process was repeated wherever the various “sections” joined each other.035004002Half the roof was sheeted, and then the whole thing! There is a gap in the top for venting purposes.003_1Next up was the black paper stuff. (The technical term, I’m sure.)005039The garage side looks kinda funny, but it gets better. ūüėČ041The house got all wrapped up like a present, and that was fun to see! It makes it look more like a house, and not just a bunch of wood.¬†008And, after a few more rain storms, the shingles were finally on! (You might notice a few windows, too, that got put in on a rainy day when only part of the roof was shingled. We’ll fill you in on the windows in another post.)197198It took a long time to be all covered on the top. If you look back at the first pictures, the corn in the background is still green. Ha! We are thankful we’ll have a nice roof over our heads.

Sunday Hike #9

Date: August 17, 2014

Location: Lake Miami (Monroe County)

Distance: 2.44 miles

Critters Spotted: Turkeys, sweat bees, a bumble bee, elk, butterflies, toad and dragonflies. We did not spot, but had evidence of, either a wasp or hornet that stung Mom on each wrist.

We spotted our first critters just outside the park. A bunch of turkeys crossed the road in front of us.

010We arrived at our destination and got our customary photo of the park sign.

011“Do you think you could get a little closer to the sign, so I can get a better picture?” Mom asked.

013Yep, that should do it.

We drove to an overlook and ate lunch in a picnic shelter nearby.

015There were tons of sweat bees around at lunch. Andrew decided to make one a pet. He named is Gerald.

018After lunch, we hit the playground.

017Next, we went in search of more critters.



023After the elk viewing, we drove over to the lake to start our hike. Paige was being silly.

024We were surprised to find several ponds in the area.

029_1Back by the lake, we could see across to the park sign in the background on the left and the picnic shelter where we ate lunch on the right (there is a concrete pad in the gap between the trees and our shelter was near there).


034The trail was not maintained very well, so the girls were annoyed with the tall grass hitting their legs. It was also a warm and humid day, so there was some grumpiness that was detracting from the pretty views.
036Everyone smile after climbing that hill!

037We weren’t sure where the trail was going or how far it might go, so we decided to turn the grumpies around and head back the way we came. First, we hit a shortcut and got covered in little friends.

038Dad was trying to be patient with us pokey ones.

photo 2 (2)Once we finished our hike, we were going to check out the dock by the lake. We had been there once before a year or two ago, and we had great memories of our time there. This year, the dock was a bust. The lake was lower and the dock barely touched the water. Mom was going to check it out when she got stung by the evil wasp or hornet, so we threw a couple rocks from the boat launch instead and then headed out.

We were attempting to reenact our previous trip. As we were headed to our next destination we made a pit stop when we saw a cool playground in Bussey.

040_1This place has some fun slides!

041On the way to the restroom (which were the nicest I’ve ever seen in a park), Paige got on the stage and said, “Take my picture!”

042The park had some old-school equipment, too.

photo 3 (2)


043_1Morgan was disappointed one horse was missing.

044Thankfully, her sister shared.

046_1After our detour, we headed across the mile-long bridge at Lake Red Rock. We then headed to a lookout tower we have been to before. We forgot you need quarters to get into the tower, as they have a turnstile thing that only moves if you put two quarters into it. We only had one quarter. So, we left without taking any pictures.

Our final stop of the day was for ice cream at Jersey Freeze in Monroe. (A stop that was very close to not happening due to some poor choices made my people who shall remain nameless, but were sitting in the back seat. ūüėČ )

photo 1 (2)

photo 4 (2)This concludes our Hike #9. Hike #10 will potentially take place Labor Day Weekend, as we skipped hiking Sunday, August 24, because it was very hot and we were invited to swim at Uncle ¬†Tim & Aunt Amanda’s pool, which sounded like a much better way to burn energy on a hot day.

Silly Me

I have this bad little habit when Ben is out of town. I stay up late, usually doing nothing of much value. I don’t know what it is about him being gone that makes me not want to go to bed. It’s silly. It’s particularly silly knowing that a certain small person (the smallest one) in our home has not been sleeping well lately and will probably be upset at any moment.

Anyway, I thought I’d let my silly habit finish a little project I’ve been working on. It’s quite funny, actually. I’m starting another blog. [Insert laugh track here.]¬†I started the “From My Pen” thing last year and got two posts done. I’ve actually resumed it a bit this year. My new blog will actually replace the “pen” one, but keep all the stuff written there. I was annoyed with my choice for a name of it from the beginning, but I felt like I needed to just pick something after spending so much time trying to think of something creative. I also want to get away from a blog¬†just about writing. Posting on photography, cakes, gardening and other things I’m interested in¬†seemed like it wouldn’t fit with the stuffy “from my pen” blog. So, I’ve gone more casual and named a blog after myself.

Introducing: Cori D. ūüôā at http://coridrost.wordpress.com/

Trip to the ER

Considering we are coming up on six years of parenthood, it’s quite remarkable that we’ve made it until recently (last Tuesday) without a trip to the Emergency Room. Some evil virus has been making it’s way through the family. It didn’t really bother Andrew¬†and Morgan too much. They were coughing some, but nothing too serious. Andrew did consider staying home from school on April 1st. In the end, we got out of him that he really “didn’t want to get fooled.” When Mom wondered if he should stay home on April 2nd, he said, “No!” without hesitation. He did not want to miss the egg hunt at school that day. ūüôā

Dad was the third to get attacked, dealing with sinus pressure and headaches, on his day off for the Cardinal’s Opening Day, of course. Mom and Paige were the last to succomb to the menacing virus. Paige had a very slight cough the morning of April 6. Mom felt fine that morning, but by afternoon her sinuses were filled past capacity. By evening, Paige had obviously been hit hard, and everything had gone to her lungs. She just sat, barely moving, in a chair with Mom. She soon fell asleep and her poor body was really straining hard just to breathe. It became obvious that we should’t wait for a doctor visit in the morning, and Mom loaded her in the van for the three block trip to the ER.

Miss Paige was very good getting checked out,¬†a breathing treatment and a chest x-ray. She does not let people look insider her mouth without a fight. It’s¬†quite humorous. She also enjoyed her first attempt using as¬†straw to have some apple juice.¬†(I’m wondering how much¬†we’ll get billed for the juice? ha!) ¬†Her oxygen level improved after the treatment and the initial look at the x-ray looked OK, so we were sent home with a nebulizer machine to do more treatments every four hours. We were advised to take her to her regular doctor, or whoever was on-call, in the morning.

Our regular doc was off on Wednesday, so we saw another doctor at the walk-in “Kid’s Clinic.” We’ve seen him four times in recent months, so he knows us now. I asked if he was the only one who worked the Kid’s Clinic, and he said no, it was just our bad luck. Anyway, Paige checked out OK enough to continue the ER doc’s suggestions, so we headed to the pharmacy and then home. Not much later, an ER doc called to let us know that the radiologist had viewed the chest x-ray and found a spot that looked like pneumonia. So, back to the pharmacy we went for an antibiotic.

Miss Paige quit wheezing and was breathing normally within 24 hours. Aside from some possible side effects that cause hyperness, and one night of very little sleep because she was just down right angry, she is doing remarkably well! I’m thinking we should have borrowed some of her medications, because Mom & Dad are still fighting the evil virus.

I’m thankful I never felt like it was a real “emergency” to take Paige in. She just needed some help and it happened to be after normal office hours. Still, I’ll be thankful if we can¬†go six more years without a trip to the ER.

Chasing Imperfection

I got quite a few comments on my recent¬†The Disclaimer¬†post, on the blog post itself and elsewhere. I think most moms relate to this feeling that we need to have¬†perfectly dressed kids who always¬†behave perfectly and come home to perfectly cooked meals in a perfectly clean house.¬†It’s a lie! Let’s quit the¬†persuit of perfection and embrace¬†the fact that we cannot do it all!

I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, so I’m going to direct you to a great¬†post that I think most of you will appreciate. It’s¬†written by a friend of a friend at this link: http://www.messycanvas.com/2010/03/guest-blog-chasing-imperfection/

Enjoy! ūüôā